“The Peoples House”……………. humor !

May 11, 2010

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You want the Truth………. Well, sit back and pay attention !

May 8, 2010

Well, let’s get started.  With this video we will see if you want the truth or not.  You argue among your self about media content and MSM and how they lie to you.  Then you argue about whether what you know is a lie in content as points then again with each other.  Time to open your eyes,,,,,, If you do not,,,,,,,,, some one is going to get hurt soon.

Let start with some coverage about Monroe County, Oath keepers, Sheriffs, Police departments, FBI, Homeland, your avenues for redress and the dis information you argue over and is shaped for, well, opinion. You have none with out the truth.

Click Here, and we will go on this journey together. Well ?  This man looks pretty evil. His supposed intention sound to be indecent at best. Lets move on to the next one. Click here. Boy, The same thing. The picture is in a different place.  Then Click here. Now the plot thickens, We begin to see a pattern and accomplices.  LtCom. Fitzpatrick (ret)  You know, one of those veterans that were named by the government by Homeland Security as a possible threat to National Security.

Lets refresh on that.  Click here   Well,  lets check into this stuff and who are these people, really.

Now let’s not just look a veterans. Over 80% of Americans do not like the direction of the country.  In the releases of the documents that talk about National Security,  they point at the citizenry and not the actual threats to the country as a whole and remove or try to remove the responsibility of this existing administration.

Click Here,,,,,, Let’s go look at Congress. click here…….let’s go look at The presidents ratings folks, click here.

Through out these postings in the last week I wanted to focus on the escalation of local and federal interventions on citizen gatherings around the country and the focus by the media.  Point,  It has focused on you!

Let’s listen to Bill,  click here or maybe this….. click here

Now, lets start connecting some dots.  let us start with the southern poverty law center and remember the picture up top of Janet,  Thees folks work with her.  Lets watch

Now,  Darren Huff and Monroe County Ten.   What is the truth ?  can you handle the truth ? and will you open your eyes to see the truth.  Hey, FOX news, pay attention. Lets go visit the JAG Hunter for one moment and look at the FBI, PDF file of the affidavit shall we.  click here,  Go to the criminal complaint PDF of the FBI,,,, read for yourself and remember the links of press releases you have already seen.

I know, long post. You need to see how the stage to this play is set to understand the truth.  Then you will see why you are at risk and how this has been presented to put you at risk.

FBI Mission statement, click here  “To perform these duties faithful to the Constitution and it’s laws”    Ok, so let us talk about the truth and facts as it pertains to laws and the Constitution.

1)  Darren Huff is a member of a Militia, yes, the Georgia Militia sanctioned by the “Governor of Georgia’s office”  That’s the part they left out!  Put together by folks in that state to work side by side with other agencies in the state to help others in any way that they can.

2) Darren Huff’s position or tittle in this organization ” Chaplin”   yep,  you got it right “Chaplin” click here

3) Darren Huff has been deemed an Indecent man and a man who was going to Ten. to take over a town and do it by force, deadly force if need be. This was to be done in a patriot uprising of veterans and citizens, not the case, never was.  This is one incident they place the logic on.  click here.

4) Darren Huff was in the FBI radar well before his interview on the night of April 19th 2010. On April 19th he according to the information given by the FBI to media was deemed a threat to the citizenry of Monroe county and could have been detained by law ( remember the mission statement with all others laws to protect the country and the citizenry)

5) He was watched that night,  and was watched leaving his home for Monroe county at or around 6:15 am. by the FBI

6)  He was then stopped by law enforcement entering the county in Ten. click here

7) FBI and local and state authorities find that Mr. Huff is carrying a side arm and has a rifle with over 300 round in his truck.  Allow Mr. Huff to go forward after giving his side arm back and let hin continue on to Monroe County court-house?  This is after deeming him a threat?

8) In Monroe County at the time there were more than 200 SWAT, Local, State and Federal folks armed to the teeth for this supposed take over. There was also rotary wing aircraft in the air on station.  Where did this come from and who is paying the bill?  This could have already been prevented. Notice the date on the FBI affidavit, April 26th ?  He was visited on the 19th was stopped on the 20th and the Government had over 200 personnel on ground and air for a threat?

9) Mr. Darren Huff was finally arrested in Ten. but for what.  You know you have been told he had crossed state line to creat a riot and to creat civil unrest with a weapon.  Well folks, Why was this not done on ALL the previous stops and visits in all this time from the 19th of May?  Protect and Defend, go back to the mission statement.

10)  This is why,  Mr. Darren Huff was visiting  other county’s around Monroe County to ask other law enforcement agencies for help and intervention in the criminal acts of the Judiciary and police compliances in Monroe County,  That folks is the truth !

The facts are the Government needs to suppress the truth in Monroe County, It has nothing to do with Fitzpatrick or a ” Birther” issue and became as said in the military a “Target of opportunity”

This could have turned out terribly bad. The problem was no one involved had any intention but to see that the government agencies and state and local agencies did their jobs and to video tape it for others to see.

Remember, things may not be what they seem. 

The only difference between Mr. Huff and what you just watched is they have not shot his dog yet.

11)  The connection between LtCom. Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff have been a creation of the folks suppressing it.

12)  Fitzpatrick criminal complain of” TREASON” has nothing to do with a “Birther” issue.  Your Government is being unconditionally transformed with out your approval from a Republic

13) Mr. Huff was trying to get help with the Government in Monroe County that has been taken over  and changed by the corruption.  You need to learn what the truth is or is not.  In doing so you will have an idea of what is going on around you.

If in fact an event was allowed to go forward and it had taken place in Monroe county.  All this information would have went away with it.  Strange how that works.

Folks get involved, Unite……………. look for the truth and keep your heads on a swivel as you peacefully demonstrate your beliefs in your country,,,,, you could be next.

remember what happens when you have government intervention. click here and to more recent times click here……….. and some from the past click here

In reference to the citizen’s arrest and precedents, no it is not funny, here it is.  By the way, for full disclosure. There have been two cases where the lower appeal’s court has upheld the fact that a grand jury Forman has stayed for more than two years.  The law of Tennessee has not been changed or amended. One full year is law.   Rule 6 of the rules of procedure explain the grand jury for the state.  Look to see if any one has ruled where a grand jury Forman can serve for more than 27 years consecutively and at the same time be the foreman of two convened grand jury’s at the same time ?    just asking.

click here for citizens arest in Tennessee

“Look out you Senior’s” first your heath care now your Country

April 30, 2010

Grannies gather and train,  They know they have been targeted by homeland and the White House.  They realize they are targeted as home-grown terrorists for singing the National Anthem and carrying the American flag !!

But wait !………………. Here is one of their co-conspirator on the move !

Pretty bad when Obama and his security team forget the real threat we face and turn on the citizenry.  But then again the rest of the world is laughing at him, why not target the citizens and especially the elderly.

Obama speaks in Illinois.  Has home-grown terrorist suppressed by folks who supposedly took and oath, SWAT.  Click here to view. Unite and Fight Folks………. you are the enemies of the state.  2010

The message was clearer out on the street then the one given inside at the speech !  You all listening ?