Notice to Monroe County court………… Commander Fitzpatricks

June 28, 2010

extenuation offiled Notice of Challenge 

dated Monday, 24 May 2010 


“By the pricking of my thumbsl something wicked this way comes.”-William Shakespeare Macbeth   

I stand this day silent; an innocent man forced to this place against my will. Oral accusations targeting me are not voidable; they are void! The government’s sinister design is betrayed by the exposition of prejudicial and predatory conduct in plain view.   


The government’s criminal conduct is outrageous! No genuine issue is present!  
Panic and frenzy clearly lay naked government depredations and fiction designed to crush innocents perceived capable of disturbing the public tameness.  

No written criminal complaint exists. There are no Sheriffs records or Police records. There is no narrative. I find no Grand Jury. 

In America, in matters regarding the adversarial environment of a criminal Court, it remains a pesky constitutional command only a quaint American custom that the accuser be made known to the accused. 

 I have searched for my accuser. I do not find one!

No Judge can receive these tortured and manufactured verbal accusations. No Judge can advance these malicious, manufactured and mendacious musings. No Judge can read these unsustainable and unexamined lies out loud in public.  

I stand this day silent; an innocent man forced to this place against my will. I make no answer! No one is permitted to answer in my name! 


Copy stamp from the Monroe County Clerk’s office 



Monroe County………….. Up date and Breaking News

June 3, 2010

Breaking: Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick III to appear before new Monroe County Grand Jury

By JB Williams

Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III (Retired) is scheduled to appear before the Monroe County Grand Jury in Tennessee this morning, on charges of inciting a riot, interrupting an official meeting and resisting arrest – related to Mr. Fitzpatrick’s attempt to serve citizen’s arrest upon numerous members of the Monroe County justice system. – Mr. Fitzpatrick claims to be innocent of all charges and is representing himself in the case.

On May 26, 2010, Mr. Fitzpatrick filed a challenge with the Monroe County Clerk of Courts, Martha Cook, which in part, read as follows;

At 3:45 PM yesterday, 10th District Senior Public Defender Richard Hughes notified Mr. Fitzpatrick that a new Grand Jury had indeed been formed on the basis of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s challenge.

It is not yet known how the new Grand Jury was formed, or who sits on that jury in a small town where the local officials and news media have gone out of their way to slander Fitzpatrick and bias locals potentially sitting on that jury, against Mr. Fitzpatrick.

An update will be issued after today’s hearing. Commander Fitzpatrick keeps a blog updated for people following this story –

This entire fiasco began with Mr. Fitzpatrick’s attempt to present evidence and charges of Treason against Barack Hussein Obama to his local Grand Jury. Although this is supposed to be a primary purpose of a citizen Grand Jury, to date, no evidence has been allowed to be presented on the original matter.

Background on this developing story can be found here;


    JB Williams

Time Line for the truth ! Now you can see Who’s, Who and What it Means.

May 13, 2010

Wed, May 12, 2010 at 5:53 PM, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III <> wrote:

For Executive Assistant Carol Paul: Pass to Brian Allison – Chief Operating Officer Greenspun Media Group (Las Vegas Sun)

To: Mr. Tommy Millsaps 

             Editor – Monroe County, TN Advocate & Democrat newspaper
              Mr. Michael Thomason
         Staff writer – Advocate & Democrat
         Mr. Tommy Wilson
        Publisher – Advocate & Democrat
        Mr. Brian Allison (COO GMG – Las Vegas Sun)

        Mr. Taz Painter – Editor WBIR – Knoxville, TN

Subj: Indecent and unprofessional conduct individually as professionals and more widely as leaders of your respective organizations.

A dear friend of mine who just finished repairing the Rosary my father carried in his pocket during the suicide amphibious assault into northwest Africa on 8 November 1942 (OPERATION TORCH) reminds me that if I allow your lies to go unchallenged your lies become the truth.

This aggressive challenge is the product of her encouragement.

I should add there’s a Sergeant of Marines who is also adamant I put you two indecent men in your place.

The facts:

Mr. Gary D. Pettway was exposed in January 2010 as an illicit, impostor foreman to the Monroe County Tennessee Grand Jury.

Madisonville, Tennessee is the Monroe County seat.

Pettway’s criminal business was thoroughly investigated and publicly reported in February 2010:

Under Tennessee LAW (click here) all jurors must be selected in a random process that is totally free of any interference involving human agency.

Monroe County officials select two Grand Juries for each calendar year to serve a 12-month term.

Jury #1 or panel #1 sits in January.

Jury #2 sits in February.

Jury #1 returns to the jury room in March.

Now pay attention here: Jury #1 sits in April…Jury #2 sits in May…Jury #1 comes back again in June (see the appendices to the U.S. Grand Jury report – click here).

Criminal court circuit judge Carroll Ross hand-picked Gary Pettway as Grand Jury foreman for calendar year 2010. Ross personally assigned Pettway as Foreman to both of the 2010 juries.

Of greater significance is this: Criminal court judges have personally appointed Gary Pettway as foreman before each of the two Monroe County Grand Juries for “approximately” the past 27-years.

Pettway has stood as foreman in front of at least 54 different Grand Juries

Gary Pettway was aggressively reported as a criminal in related matters leading up to January 2010.

Because Pettway was exposed in January 2010 as a government functionary, a hand-selected judicial puppet, each of the law enforcement agencies contacted from September through December 2009 were contacted again.

Other people and organizations responsible for oversight regarding “Pettway’s Grand Jury” were also alerted.

Beginning on 3 September 2009 and continuing to 30 March 2010 tens of criminal complaints naming Gary Pettway were filed with:

  • Madisonville, TN Police Chief Gregg Breeden.
  • Sweetwater, TN Police Chief Edie Byrum (Pettway is a Sweetwater resident).
  • Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens.
  • Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Special-Agent-in-charge Dennis Daniels (Chattanooga Division).
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations Special-Agent-in-charge Richard L. Lambert, Jr. (Knoxville Division).
  • Tennessee State Court of the Judiciary (J.S. Daniel – Disciplinary Counsel).

Official complaints, notices and alerts were filed with:

  • Each of the five Tennessee State Supreme Court Justices.
  • Each of the legislators to the 106th session of the Tennessee Legislature.
  • The Tennessee State governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.
  • Members of local, national and Internet press.

Law enforcement officials agreeing that Pettway’s criminal business is…well…CRIMINAL report they are not authorized (allowed) to conduct Pettway’s arrest. These various officials are consistent in their continuing avoidance telling the public that they “lack jurisdiction.”

Again–after tens of criminal complaints naming Pettway over the course of 7 months no law enforcement agency or official claimed the power of arrest over a Tennessee Grand Jury Foreman.

Not a single one!

Nothing changed beginning in January 2010 when those same law enforcement officials took possession of criminal complaints naming Pettway an illegitimate, professional grand jury foreman. 

On 8 March 2010 notice of necessity, authority and intent to conduct of series of Citizens’ Arrest was sent to local law enforcement. I’ve got the green card receipts.

Then there’s the electronically published version (click here).

No response.

Gary Pettway remains an obstruction to efforts to bring to the attention of Monroe County Grand Jurors criminal conduct that has nothing to do with Pettway (click here).

The County Grand Jury meets on the first Thursday of each month.

Presented with a series of facts and experiences that precisely describe the need for such action, and with time not being a friend, Gary Pettway was properly placed under Citizens’ arrest on the first Thursday in April 2010 as Pettway was in the act of committing a series of  felony offenses.

Pettway’s arrest was carried out by the book.

Now for you indecent men, go back and read what you’ve allowed to be published. Then hold your heads in shame.


Explaining the right thing to do next is a waste of my time.

For what it’s worth:

One last point to ponder as it goes to the scope and operation of PETTWAY’s GRAND JURY…

Pettway was arrested in front of Monroe County Grand Jury #1 on the first Thursday in April 2010.

Jury #1 witnessed the encounter now widely available on audio and video recordings.

Monroe General Sessions Court Judge J. Reed Dixon bound charges filed against me over to Monroe County Grand Jury during his 4 May 2010 probable cause hearing.

Dixon assigned the case to Monroe County Grand Jury #1–meeting on 3 June 2010–to decided whether to return indictments granting permission for a criminal trial.

Gary Pettway is publicly announced to stand before Monroe County Grand Jury #1 as foreman this coming first Thursday in June 2010.

With utter contempt for all of you,
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
United States Navy Retired – Surface warfare – Naval parachutist
Still serving (John 15:13)
Distinguished Military Graduate – United States Naval Academy Class of 1975
The JAG HUNTER    For More info and Obama’s WACO.

Monroe County Grand Jury

May 11, 2010

Click Here: For Review,,,,,,,,, wait for it to load.

“Intel” These are the folks who help Homeland point a finger at “Oath Keepers” and Citizens”

April 23, 2010

Fox News and the home to interview National Leader of Oath Keepers.  Old Bill will not tell the truth and the National leadership likes what they hear.  Stewart,  I will fight for the honorable Peoples Patriots called “Oath Keepers”.  My Oath had no “expiration Date”  I do not need to renew.   Here is some info on the Southern Poverty Law center.  They represent less then 20% of the Nation.  Here is some info FOX NEWS  will not share with ya!

click here……….and here………..and here……….and here…….and here………..and here…….and here…….

Now, We are just getting started.  Who are you loyal to Stewart and why do you not defend your members?  I took an oath and will stand beside the real “Oath keepers”  The CITIZENRY” in uniform and out.  Here is a little more to understand what is going on here.

click here:………..little here………… to…………. You need to explain why you sit quiet or find some pockets.

The Constitution is based on Natural Law and Natural Law is God’s Law. Rules are made by men for men, and that’s why you have no standing.

April 23, 2010


by Citizens’ Tsunami (Flight Line) and The JAG HUNTER
Events of Tuesday, 20 April 2010 swirling about Monroe County Tennessee–centered in Madisonville–graphically depicted government oppression in action preying upon a lawful, peaceful citizenry.
These same events once again exposed a complicit, socialist press. As champions of government tyrants they demonize regular law abiding folks like the Keller family children and their parents, and the Citizens and Veterans standing with them last Tuesday morning.
We discovered more on Tuesday. Two Oath Keepers were profiled. Chaplain and Navy Vet. Darren Huff was the first. Steward Rhodes the next. Rhodes was exposed as an infiltrating Mole to an Oath Keeper audience among them Marine Corps Sergeants Bill Loomin and Rand Cardwell.

Rhodes gave himself up as a Mole for the leftist press and high-level military/political handlers.

The job assigned to Rhodes is to pacify an other wise agitated and glowingly anxious task force of U.S. servicemen ready to take their Country back. In the bargain Rhodes is enriching himself while laughing up his sleeve at us.

Item: As real Oath Keepers want you to look directly at Gary Pettway’s 27-year career as Monroe County Grand Jury Foreman, Stewart Rhodes is in overdrive trying to make us all look away!

Item: Rhodes is frantic trying to remove video captured regarding Chaplain Huff’s felony stop near Madisonville. Rhodes doesn’t want you to view the video. Rhodes doesn’t want Oath Keepers to be associated with the video.

The undoing of Stewart Rhodes is as much an unintended consequence as it is timely. A new lease on life to The Genuine Oath Keepers to be sure. A chance to chart a new course with a new skipper.

Regroup and reorganize. ELECT new leadership. Review and revise the mission(s). Move out, move on. ENGAGE the ENEMY!

Get rid of the pacifist Rhodes. Stop talkin’. Follow leaders like Huff, Loomin and Cardwell who’ve started doin’. Real Oath Keepers who’ve gone active. Follow them and stay Active!

(oh…turn off your T.V.s. It’s a waste or your time and it’s wasting our children!)



I watched the interview of you on TV…with all due respect, I was shocked.  Shocked that you acted and talked like such a WIMP…pardon the term, but I don’t know how else to put it any nicer.  If you insist on going on TV, please grow a backbone and hold your own about your group and not let those liberals make you and the members out to be some group of renegade thugs…!!  SPEAK UP MAN..!!  How do you expect us to follow you when you don’t lead the way with STRENGTH and conviction to what you stand for.

By the way…what do you stand for other than educating law enforcement of our constitutional rights…?

I was also Shocked that you weren’t in TN this week for an incident as important involving that TN corrupt judge, sheriff and grand jury foreman. 

We out here thought the Oath Keepers to be guardians for US as citizens…to be there to support us IF we get in trouble with the law because we exercise our rights…not violent things some folks might do, but as an example, the Walter Fitzpatrick issue in TN….WHY weren’t “YOU” there…??   I didn’t hear or see YOU in the video, which by the way, I commend Carl Swensson for having the backbone to do ALL that he does for us and this nation and for taking a FIRM stand against the law who made several violations of his and Darren’s rights that day.  WHAT have YOU done about that Stewart…? 

  I haven’t heard ONE word from you backing Carl and Darren.  Are you on the side of law enforcement or what specifically DO YOU DO…?  Is this going to be another deal like the Minutemen that self divides from lack of good leadership…?  What a shame that would be.  I absolutely do NOT advocate violence, but I darn well DO advocate taking a FIRM stand and  knowing HOW to take a stand on camera to those who try to take one down, how to support members and those in this country who do the jobs other wimpy men won’t do…!!  Frankly, IMO and that of MANY others, “YOU” should be taking the kind of firm stand that men like Carl Swensson, Dave Buess, Rod Class, Bob Schultz, Bob Campbell and all the other GREAT PATRIOTS on the FRONT lines sticking their necks out for what’s right….!!! 

They do NOT back down one inch, but stand their ground for what’s right according to our constitution.  Brave men…and I thank God for them.  Now as to you Stewart, I ask you to grow a backbone…speeches are fine, but what we need are Oath keepers who aren’t afraid to get out front and support fellow Americans who are exercising their constitutional rights and being attacked by courts and law enforcement.  Cops already know our  rights…!!  What they NEED is to get a taste of us standing our ground FOR our rights.  Otherwise they will continue to bully us and try to violate our rights and YOU KNOW IT. 

You also KNOW there are CORRUPT cops and judges.  I should think Oath keepers would support issues like the TN deal….there should have been a HORDE of you there including yourself.  So we will be watching you Stewart and we in my email circles are about 3 million strong. We will see if YOU personally take a stand with our GREAT PATRIOTS or if you stand back and do nothing or worse, don’t ask your members to get involved and take a stand in support of others on the battle field.   

 What’s happening to Walter Fitzpatrick is totally AGAINST his rights and you SHOULD KNOW IT and be there to support him … more thing…is it against your rules to also be a member of a state militia…?

Please reply back with some kind of statement that I can send out to those who email and call me asking about you not taking a FIRM stand and supporting TN and our patriots.  We WANT a group of men committed to SUPPORTING our rights…to be there IN PERSON ON THE BATTLEFIELD supporting our infantry…!!

Note from a Marine Vet………..

April 22, 2010
Re: Monroe County, Tenn. and video.
 WTH is wrong with you, Mr. Rhodes?
 A gentleman, an American citizen and Veteran, traveling along a public highway in Tennessee was stopped solely BECAUSE his car had an Oath Keepers sticker on it. …and the Oath Keeper member is in the wrong because????? Because he was stopped for displaying an Oath Keeper’s sticker???? That was a police state action he endured. A violation of The Constitution you claim to support and defend. It was not a violation of any laws of that state or of this nation by the citizen and Oath Keeper member in question. He was targeted because he is a member of your organization, not because of anything else he was doing or planning to do.
 If, in fact, he was stopped because he may have been planning to go anywhere or planning to do anything, are freedom of movement and freedom of association not constitutional issues? The 4th Amendment is now meaningless to you? Is the 1st amendment without merit? For you have attempted to use coercion and force to quiet his protestation against Oath Breakers, thus you are openly supporting the same Oath Breakers and government tyranny you claim to stand against.
 Are you a liar, sir? Are you an Oath Breaker? Are you a fool? Are you a quisling, sir? You discredit yourself, sir. Your cowardice discredits and dishonors the uniform you once wore. Grow a spine. Stand by your fellow Oath Keepers. Stand by your word, sir. Stand by your Oath. 
 However, others are not so readily intimidated by Oath Breakers such as yourself. Those are men to be admired.
Continue on your current course, sir, and real American Patriots – real Oath Keepers –  will point to you as a bad example.
Warren “Bones” Bonesteel
Author and Researcher
SGT USMC 1976-1983
144 N. Ellsworth Rd.
Box Elder, SD 57719