You thought it was just Monroe County? Guess angain.

May 15, 2010

Are you all getting the picture yet.  Who made the threat ?   Yes, The Federal Government by way of an employee, a Marshal. To serve and protect?    They now serve their masters and protect them from you.

Unite……….. Citizens Tsunami 2010


Just a day at work……..For you ! America “Part ” Two”

March 10, 2010

They in Uniform Protect the country you are responsible for. Stand United, you have the power to control this Country. ” Unite and fight”  in 2010      Citizens Tsunami”            

Launch of Citizen’s Tsunami

March 8, 2010

Citizen’s Tsunami Network is established to unite citizens from sea to sea.The wave logo symbolizes a unified movement oblivious to obstacle. No party affiliation, no political preference, no religious preference, no social or racial prejudice. This is for all American Citizens–the Patriot Wave–that unifies and incites us in a movement committed to taking our Nation back!  

We have seen many changes over the past year. But like an earthquake the changes created an environment that awakened a people and a Nation as only once before in our history. The United States is 233 years old. Our constitutional form of government has undergone extraordinary change since the end of the Civil War.

The government has grown and continues to grow larger than its people.

Our National Debt robs us of our Freedom. It is unsustainable. It is killing us in a death by a thousand cuts.

United we stand, divided we fall. If We the People are to prevail we must Unite and Fight!  Show unity.

The Citizen’s Tsunami network is hereby Christened.

It is a network on the move.


Keep the wave moving.

Wear the wave on your cap, t-shirt, sweat shirt or bumper sticker.

Let’s get to work!

Pass the word!

Launch To Unite, One Nation, One People

March 7, 2010