It is Yours……….. Fight for it

Tsitizens Tsunami……….. Unite and fight 2010………..4th of July has meaning.


2 Responses to It is Yours……….. Fight for it

  1. bill says:

    This post is not about Our flag but certainly is what I believe it represents.
    Just as an ordinary layman and not a representative of the courts or government,I am very perplexed as to what is legal law and what is not.
    Since for over a year various citizens and lawyers have filed cases with
    courts and government officials on “Quo Warranto” aka “By what authority”
    does Barack Obama hold office to the Presidency? and the only response is “Not our jurisdiction,or no standing,whatever that means ? In some cases attorneys are threatened and even sanctioned fines for even asking,what the courts deem as “frivolous ” questions.
    Since I guess I am in error that I believed the judicial system was based on our Constitution and all representatives have abdicated any responsibility to the Constitution and their Oaths of office,and Our flag ,where does that leave We the People ? In the end,my question is simply,Are any laws legal ? and if so,What are they ? and by what authority ?”

  2. bill says:

    As drkate promised, Here is the link to youtube posting of
    “Mayors and City Council,Stop the Treason ” presentation.Thanks

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