80% of the Country want’s to know,,,, Treason about covers it.

Another article by: JB Williams……………………..


One Response to 80% of the Country want’s to know,,,, Treason about covers it.

  1. bill says:

    Well friends and neighbors,it has finally crystallized in my understanding that
    We are living in the most exciting and satisfying times and I feel blessed that
    I was allowed to hang around long enough to see it.If We look at a loose chronology of events in inept leadership it will become apparent.Over a year ago a man by the name of Carl Swennson decided that a resurrection of legal
    Citizen Grand Juries were the order of the day,thus Georgia Grand Jury was
    implemented and handed down one of the first Presentments ,I know of.Then a man by the name Of Bob Campbell founded American Grand Jury which
    was a national organization who handed down many Presentments.These Presentments were summarily ignored,as well, much to the consternation of many Americans.Since ALL actors of government decided to ignore We The People,a man by the name of James David Manning ,under divine leadership,said “O.K. ,if our government chooses to follow a path of disregard,He would instigate a legal court of We the People volunteers,who can and WILL hear the charges against corrupt individuals.So the C.I.A. Columbia Obama ,Sedition and Treason Trial is before us.Lastly one of the mysteries I don’t understand,seeing in my lifetime, a few individuals who hurled themselves into the abyss of destruction,I have never ,ONCE,seen any
    right thinking,intelligent individual allow a misguided person ,to drag them along.Does anyone else see divine providence at work here ? cheers

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