“You are the Keepers of the flame”

This is not about just the 2nd amendment.  This is about your foundation. Teachers have failed through government over reach and are willing to do what is asked for the benefits of Government money and income through unions.

Todays word is abandonment,   There is a lot of talk but,  we are the ones to blame for where we are today. Take it back, teach it, speak it ,  most importantly practice it !   Unite and fight  Citizen Tsunami……. you are the power.

You have the peaceful means to get it done…….. The original contract, the “Constitution”   Have we now abandoned the sacrifices of generations past?  What was the purpose of their sacrifice if you do not carry the flame?

3 Responses to “You are the Keepers of the flame”

  1. Judy Doyle says:

    Have you ever noticed that the left never or very rarely mention our Founders? Do the left even know what our Founders sacrificed to give us a free and liberated nation?

    I am proud to be a ‘natural born’ citizen of the United States of America. I carry the torch. I speak out often to the dismay of the liberal/mental/left.

  2. Dean(Brown Water Navy) says:

    They can only deny Judy. The major psychological reason why Leftists so zealously criticize the existing order and advocate change is in order to feed a pressing need for self-inflation and ego-boosting — and ultimately for power, the greatest ego boost of all. They feel rather than think which is precisely what makes them such a dangerous entity to our Republic.

    They will never take responsibility or acknowledge failures in their “feel good” policies, rather, they just move on to next “big thing.”

    It should by now have become fairly clear that Leftist ideologues don’t really believe in anything at all. They have no fundamental beliefs — only postures that they adopt from time to time in order to make themselves look good, wise, kind, caring etc.

    They are soulless creatures who act the part of spoiled children but there is nothing cute about them and unlike children they will never learn and grow.

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