“Look out you Senior’s” first your heath care now your Country

Grannies gather and train,  They know they have been targeted by homeland and the White House.  They realize they are targeted as home-grown terrorists for singing the National Anthem and carrying the American flag !!

But wait !………………. Here is one of their co-conspirator on the move !

Pretty bad when Obama and his security team forget the real threat we face and turn on the citizenry.  But then again the rest of the world is laughing at him, why not target the citizens and especially the elderly.

Obama speaks in Illinois.  Has home-grown terrorist suppressed by folks who supposedly took and oath, SWAT.  Click here to view. Unite and Fight Folks………. you are the enemies of the state.  2010

The message was clearer out on the street then the one given inside at the speech !  You all listening ?

4 Responses to “Look out you Senior’s” first your heath care now your Country

  1. tuxkabin says:

    These guys came to kill all of you at the Tea party Rally. You had better wake up.I saw this under President Johnson, these Police came for a fight and they did not get one. BUT they came to kill all of you on this day.

  2. bill says:

    The Jokes on YOU America !
    If this doesn’t get Patriots engaged,Nothing will !


  3. bill says:

    Well tuxkabin,I submit that ALL the men who were sent as a show of force did NOT have murder in their hearts but were sent there by their handlers and they were just doing what they are PAID to do.Yes,if some fruitcake had given into insanity and started a firefight then things would have gotten ugly.These men are like any American who has self preservation as their highest priority.The best these men could do was make themselves look foolish.This was facilitated by the Tea Party leaders who knew the game just like Rev King did in the 50s.Oh,by the way,Rev.King won.cheers

  4. MacPUBLIUS says:

    Notice the gold fringe on American Flag in the background. I wonder what it means? Son of PUBLIUS

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