Welcome to “Obamavill” You might not be here yet, but it is coming!

Take a look here:  Who is this CNN ?      How is the change working for Ya?    Government jobs not so bad. The rest of ya,  not so shure. But hey, you folks looking for work, here you go, check this out. Had some “Hope”  you need an invitation to this dance, and you do not have one.  Everybody has civil rights but you!   Just ask them folks in DC as they break the laws of the land and look at Arizona.

Hey, John, Ya , you, John McCain……………. You do not demand the President or what ever you want to call him to bring the guard units out down in Arizona,  You go to your Governor.  John, you know this. You are an American hero.   Talking now does not help John,  You are part of the problem with the rest of the folks in DC who turn away from the Constitution.

Unite and Fight…………….. Citizens can change this,,,,,,,,, You hold the power.    Citizens Tsunami  2010


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