“Mob rule” Where law is no law at all.

70%  of the folks in Arizona wanted this law,,,  Less than 20%  opposed it with the rest really not caring.  The Government did not care at all,,,,,,, Till the bill was passed ?,,,,,,, Now it is a constitutional issue ?   It is, they need to up hold the law.  Most in DC and state rep’s are attorney’s.  They aid and abed a on going felony under the laws of the U.S.   Maybe they need to answer to that and you will not have any worry about cleaning the houses.

More Here:  JB  Williams

One Response to “Mob rule” Where law is no law at all.

  1. bill says:

    This is in response for abuse of We the People.
    Repost of original cancellation plus further update results at the bottom.
    To:Comcast March 26,2010
    P.O. 660618
    Dallas Tx.

    Regarding immediate cancellation of services to Account #
    8777 70 318 0599048
    Dear Comcast,
    I request immediate cancellation of all services,TV and Internet.
    I have become offended by your clients constant deception by
    omission,slanted propaganda and hype of the Main Stream Media news
    outlets and the constant unsolicited commercial Spam without regard
    as to whether subscribers want it or not.Considering the channels
    that have been paired down (lost)and the ridiculous cost of $62.48 per
    month,I am frankly surprised you keep any customers at all.I view all
    this as a theft of subscribers money and service programming time.

    I will suffer it no longer.
    I have bundled your cable modem and it will be easily retrieved at your
    earliest convenience simply by having a tech. drop by. RCA Model
    DCM425 S.N. 00730-746401120
    Thank you


    1.Received a 200$ bill for services on Apr 24.Apparently they ignored my
    letter of cancellation thinking that maybe I would have a change of heart.
    (NOT Likely)

    2.Called to affirm letter of cancellation and was told I sent the letter to
    the wrong dept.and they didn’t have any communication on letter( Oh!REALLY?!)

    3.Was called today Apr.28 and was offered a discounted rate although they
    didn’t address any of my concerns.(typical)

    Lastly Ladies and Gentlemen,I am just one citizen expressing my opinion.
    If enough Patriots will stand up and be counted,We can change Our country.
    If NOT,Then we can ALL wear Our chains proudly.cheers

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