The Constitution is based on Natural Law and Natural Law is God’s Law. Rules are made by men for men, and that’s why you have no standing.


by Citizens’ Tsunami (Flight Line) and The JAG HUNTER
Events of Tuesday, 20 April 2010 swirling about Monroe County Tennessee–centered in Madisonville–graphically depicted government oppression in action preying upon a lawful, peaceful citizenry.
These same events once again exposed a complicit, socialist press. As champions of government tyrants they demonize regular law abiding folks like the Keller family children and their parents, and the Citizens and Veterans standing with them last Tuesday morning.
We discovered more on Tuesday. Two Oath Keepers were profiled. Chaplain and Navy Vet. Darren Huff was the first. Steward Rhodes the next. Rhodes was exposed as an infiltrating Mole to an Oath Keeper audience among them Marine Corps Sergeants Bill Loomin and Rand Cardwell.

Rhodes gave himself up as a Mole for the leftist press and high-level military/political handlers.

The job assigned to Rhodes is to pacify an other wise agitated and glowingly anxious task force of U.S. servicemen ready to take their Country back. In the bargain Rhodes is enriching himself while laughing up his sleeve at us.

Item: As real Oath Keepers want you to look directly at Gary Pettway’s 27-year career as Monroe County Grand Jury Foreman, Stewart Rhodes is in overdrive trying to make us all look away!

Item: Rhodes is frantic trying to remove video captured regarding Chaplain Huff’s felony stop near Madisonville. Rhodes doesn’t want you to view the video. Rhodes doesn’t want Oath Keepers to be associated with the video.

The undoing of Stewart Rhodes is as much an unintended consequence as it is timely. A new lease on life to The Genuine Oath Keepers to be sure. A chance to chart a new course with a new skipper.

Regroup and reorganize. ELECT new leadership. Review and revise the mission(s). Move out, move on. ENGAGE the ENEMY!

Get rid of the pacifist Rhodes. Stop talkin’. Follow leaders like Huff, Loomin and Cardwell who’ve started doin’. Real Oath Keepers who’ve gone active. Follow them and stay Active!

(oh…turn off your T.V.s. It’s a waste or your time and it’s wasting our children!)



I watched the interview of you on TV…with all due respect, I was shocked.  Shocked that you acted and talked like such a WIMP…pardon the term, but I don’t know how else to put it any nicer.  If you insist on going on TV, please grow a backbone and hold your own about your group and not let those liberals make you and the members out to be some group of renegade thugs…!!  SPEAK UP MAN..!!  How do you expect us to follow you when you don’t lead the way with STRENGTH and conviction to what you stand for.

By the way…what do you stand for other than educating law enforcement of our constitutional rights…?

I was also Shocked that you weren’t in TN this week for an incident as important involving that TN corrupt judge, sheriff and grand jury foreman. 

We out here thought the Oath Keepers to be guardians for US as citizens…to be there to support us IF we get in trouble with the law because we exercise our rights…not violent things some folks might do, but as an example, the Walter Fitzpatrick issue in TN….WHY weren’t “YOU” there…??   I didn’t hear or see YOU in the video, which by the way, I commend Carl Swensson for having the backbone to do ALL that he does for us and this nation and for taking a FIRM stand against the law who made several violations of his and Darren’s rights that day.  WHAT have YOU done about that Stewart…? 

  I haven’t heard ONE word from you backing Carl and Darren.  Are you on the side of law enforcement or what specifically DO YOU DO…?  Is this going to be another deal like the Minutemen that self divides from lack of good leadership…?  What a shame that would be.  I absolutely do NOT advocate violence, but I darn well DO advocate taking a FIRM stand and  knowing HOW to take a stand on camera to those who try to take one down, how to support members and those in this country who do the jobs other wimpy men won’t do…!!  Frankly, IMO and that of MANY others, “YOU” should be taking the kind of firm stand that men like Carl Swensson, Dave Buess, Rod Class, Bob Schultz, Bob Campbell and all the other GREAT PATRIOTS on the FRONT lines sticking their necks out for what’s right….!!! 

They do NOT back down one inch, but stand their ground for what’s right according to our constitution.  Brave men…and I thank God for them.  Now as to you Stewart, I ask you to grow a backbone…speeches are fine, but what we need are Oath keepers who aren’t afraid to get out front and support fellow Americans who are exercising their constitutional rights and being attacked by courts and law enforcement.  Cops already know our  rights…!!  What they NEED is to get a taste of us standing our ground FOR our rights.  Otherwise they will continue to bully us and try to violate our rights and YOU KNOW IT. 

You also KNOW there are CORRUPT cops and judges.  I should think Oath keepers would support issues like the TN deal….there should have been a HORDE of you there including yourself.  So we will be watching you Stewart and we in my email circles are about 3 million strong. We will see if YOU personally take a stand with our GREAT PATRIOTS or if you stand back and do nothing or worse, don’t ask your members to get involved and take a stand in support of others on the battle field.   

 What’s happening to Walter Fitzpatrick is totally AGAINST his rights and you SHOULD KNOW IT and be there to support him … more thing…is it against your rules to also be a member of a state militia…?

Please reply back with some kind of statement that I can send out to those who email and call me asking about you not taking a FIRM stand and supporting TN and our patriots.  We WANT a group of men committed to SUPPORTING our rights…to be there IN PERSON ON THE BATTLEFIELD supporting our infantry…!!


2 Responses to The Constitution is based on Natural Law and Natural Law is God’s Law. Rules are made by men for men, and that’s why you have no standing.

  1. Steph F. says:

    Well, well, well. It was time to get off the fence and Mr. Rhodes just showed his hand. You are either with us or against us. Time for new leadership within the Oathkeepers. God has a plan and this timing couldn’t be more apropos! Way to go, patriots. I am proud to have been among all of you in Madisonville on Tuesday.

    • bacsi says:

      Steph F. God bless you for being there. Too bad there weren’t ten thousand more. It’s time, past time, to get out in the streets, take back, and hold our government from the county seats to the state capitals to DC.

      As far as moles like Rhodes:

      Carl Swensson Says:
      April 23, 2010 at 3:11 pm

      “Mr. Rhodes .. reminded me that he would be better served (monetarily) by going back and practicing law.”

      Well, la ti da… spoken like a true follower of George Washington, Patrick Henry, Sam Adams… I can almost hear him stamping his foot in indignation. My sincere advice Mr. Rhodes, and by the way here is your hat, is to step lively now and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, I wouldn’t want you to suffer a head ache.

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