Note from a Marine Vet………..

Re: Monroe County, Tenn. and video.
 WTH is wrong with you, Mr. Rhodes?
 A gentleman, an American citizen and Veteran, traveling along a public highway in Tennessee was stopped solely BECAUSE his car had an Oath Keepers sticker on it. …and the Oath Keeper member is in the wrong because????? Because he was stopped for displaying an Oath Keeper’s sticker???? That was a police state action he endured. A violation of The Constitution you claim to support and defend. It was not a violation of any laws of that state or of this nation by the citizen and Oath Keeper member in question. He was targeted because he is a member of your organization, not because of anything else he was doing or planning to do.
 If, in fact, he was stopped because he may have been planning to go anywhere or planning to do anything, are freedom of movement and freedom of association not constitutional issues? The 4th Amendment is now meaningless to you? Is the 1st amendment without merit? For you have attempted to use coercion and force to quiet his protestation against Oath Breakers, thus you are openly supporting the same Oath Breakers and government tyranny you claim to stand against.
 Are you a liar, sir? Are you an Oath Breaker? Are you a fool? Are you a quisling, sir? You discredit yourself, sir. Your cowardice discredits and dishonors the uniform you once wore. Grow a spine. Stand by your fellow Oath Keepers. Stand by your word, sir. Stand by your Oath. 
 However, others are not so readily intimidated by Oath Breakers such as yourself. Those are men to be admired.
Continue on your current course, sir, and real American Patriots – real Oath Keepers –  will point to you as a bad example.
Warren “Bones” Bonesteel
Author and Researcher
SGT USMC 1976-1983
144 N. Ellsworth Rd.
Box Elder, SD 57719

29 Responses to Note from a Marine Vet………..

  1. bacsi says:

    What is this in relation to? Has Rhodes made some sort of derogatory statement against Darren Huff and Carl, over the video? If so where is a link, I’d like to see it. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s done similar nonsense.

    Rhodes and others like him, such as Jim O’Neill, are seriously at risk of being branded moles for the opposition, with their false interpretation of what keeping your Oath means. They say, don’t antagonize the powers that be… That is not what the founding fathers said. Just what is it about the original Tea Party or Lexington Green that they don’t understand? Just what is it about We the People having sovereignty over the federal government that they don’t understand? Something is truly amiss with these individuals.

    Their counsel is non-confrontational do-nothingism, akin to skulking around the shadows while the criminals loot your home, burn it down around your ears, and rape your daughters – and sons. What the devil! When thieves and bandits descend on your town the citizens need to grab their guns, band together, and put them in the ground. Darren and Fritzpatrick have demonstrated more civic responsibility by their personal actions then Rhodes, O’Neill, and others of their ilk, have with all their endless empty do-nothing speeches, writings, and meaningless rhetoric.

    If they are not moles whose agenda is to co-opt the great patriotic mass of former and serving members of the citizenry and neutralize them through pusillanimous counsel, then they are simply what they appear: non-blooded former military who have never been in a fight, and wouldn’t know what to do with a school yard bully, or a local drunk, much less the organized international criminal conspiracy that is attempting to destroy this country.

    Carl has called for a million citizen grand jury deputies to put this country to right, others have called for three percent of the population to organize under Constitutional militias to effect the same measures. Just one percent, three million Constitutionally organized citizens can wipe the vermin from our country in a matter of weeks. Do it! Get off your lazy fat posteriors! Don’t worry about antagonizing those crooks, freaks, and perverts that have taken over this country’s political process. Don’t worry about the 150 thousand or so armed Federales, eighty per cent will be on your side anyway. There is nothing on God’s green earth that is going to oppose three million patriots, and if you are so pusillanimous to disbelieve that, then as Lt. Col. West has said: ‘There’s the door.’

    For the Republic!
    A former nam A-team medic

  2. bill says:

    I’m with you bacsi,Yes ,there are many who just don’t get it,haven’t seen it or simply have an attention deficit disorder to take the time to realize what is going on not only in D.C. but in States and Countys all across this great land.Ah,but with the help of men/sites
    like this one,rise up for America,Oathkeepers,US Grand Jury,Tea Party folks etc.etc. We the People WILL win in the end.We just need to stay on duty stations.cheers
    another shameless plug:

  3. Mr. Rhodes called at 0030 Wed and made the observation that his group was not into any specific action, nor would they be. By his admission, the “OathKeepers” were only about educating law enforcement and Military as to their Oaths and didn’t want the event in TN to affect the inroads he says he’s made into Federal law enforcement. He saw this video as a threat to HIS goals (whatever they may be) and reminded me that he would be better served (monetarily) by going back and practicing law. In a never to be repeated moment I agreed to remove the clip in the morning, which was done. That’s when the realization occurred that I had been compromised by him and immediately reposted it, never to remove it again.
    Resolve is now permanently steeled (thought it was before this)and action will intensify until the injustice in TN and in DC are rectified. Period.

    • bacsi says:

      Carl Swensson Says:
      April 23, 2010 at 3:11 pm

      “Mr. Rhodes .. reminded me that he would be better served (monetarily) by going back and practicing law.”

      Well, la ti da… spoken like a true follower of George Washington, Patrick Henry, Sam Adams… I can almost hear him stamping his foot in indignation. My sincere advice Mr. Rhodes, and by the way here is your hat, is to step lively now and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, I wouldn’t want you to suffer a head ache.

  4. Warren says:

    There’s other copies of this on youtube should Carl scrub his again.


  5. bill says:

    From a post above by Carl Swennson:

    Quote “the “OathKeepers” were only about educating law enforcement and Military as to their Oaths and didn’t want the event in TN to affect the inroads he says he’s made into Federal law enforcement.”

    First line”the “OathKeepers” were only about educating law enforcement and Military as to their Oaths”
    My question is exactly “What law enforcement ?”as I know for a fact the Secret Service and the FBI both know of Obamas transgressions,yet I haven’t seen one
    shred of “law enforcement”So what good is an Oath ?

    second line”didn’t want the event in TN to affect the inroads he says he’s made into Federal law enforcement.” again I ask .Exactly what “Federal Law
    enforcement ?” I haven’t seen any of this either other
    than to harass a private citizen,Darren Huff.
    Is it that I don’t understand what “Law enforcement means ?” cheers

  6. Bill,
    if you don’t understand what law enforcement means then you’re in good company. Few, if any, can now know for certain what their agenda is.
    It’s best we move beyond lawyerly Rhodes to the real purpose of OathKepers. Sure educating works but only through actions and deeds.
    Some small number will side with him (maybe) but the cat is now out of the bag and there is no reason to hold back. It is now time for all of us to come to the aide of our country and fellow OathKeepers.

  7. BTW Warren,

    There’s not a chance in hell I’ll remove that video as long as I’m alive and I appreciate all who will save it just to make sure it never gets lost and remains up.

  8. bill says:

    Lord,although I have walked your universe in ignorance,Please
    do not allow it to be in apathy as well.Amen

  9. bill says:

    By Golly !!! I think I have finally figured out how our
    government is operating lol

  10. Steph F. says:

    What’s the next step, patriots? Where are the rest of the Oathkeepers??? Surely this organization isn’t filled with RINO’s like we see in the Republican party. 😦 This is where the rubber meets the road. You are either with us or against us. Did the oath you took mean anything? The clock is ticking. Stand up and do the right thing. New leadership is imperative at this point. Who is going to take the lead?

  11. bill says:

    Next step ? Steph. Start here :

    and let your conscience,be your guide.cheers

  12. Steph F. says:

    Bill, Rev. Manning is doing a good job in educating Americans about the usurper. However, as we have experienced with these juries and trials (I was co-chairman of the Illinois Citizens Grand Jury), all of this is a moot point. We can talk about it until we are blue in the face, but we must find someone who is willing to uphold the Constitution. Until that time, we are spinning our wheels. We still have nearly 3 years for the usurper to inflict major damage in America. Time is running short. I am talking about real leadership, people with integrity, not those with ulterior motives or poisoned by political correctness. Where are the attorneys who can help? Where are the judges? So far, we have seen a lot of talk, but nothing that is affecting change…or stopping the usurper. One thing is certain, if the media, politicians, attorneys and judges continue to cower behind their titles, failing to uphold their duties, we are screwed.

  13. bill says:

    Well Steph,The bottom line in this is $$$$$ and it appears there are many individual citizens who want
    something to happen but they can’t start the journey
    because they can’t seem to take the first step.We cancelled our Comcast cable acct. because the Main Stream Medias were simply pushing propaganda and obfuscations and of course tons of spam commericals.We
    told them why.I tryed to get others to do the same,but noooooooooo…..they just couldn’t be inconvenienced.Well OK 😦 .We don’t
    buy anything here except exactly what we absolutely have to have,No Chinese anything ! No Walmart either.Yes and it is darned inconvenient but it is what we feel we must do to send the money barons a message.There are many things an individual can do,if they just will but if these folks just want to blog and complain and expect someone to come riding in ,on a white horse,and save the day,then I suggest you are
    right “We are screwed” cheers

  14. bill says:

    Oh and Steph,Is the Illinois CGJ presentments posted
    anywhere they can downloaded ? If so I can show you
    another trick,We may not get the non representing
    representatives to do anything,but we sure can put a
    spotlight on their hen house ways,like this:

    We can put these dead dogs at their doorsteps and remember,they ALL will be asking for re-election.

  15. bill says:

    Oops,I goofed :try this link instead to download:

  16. Bill,

    If you go to the website I think you’ll find the presentments. All of us have delivery receipts including every member of CONgress.
    If you’d like to see one I’ll be happy to post since the only ones interested in the citizens right of redress is, you guessed it, the citizens.
    If not now, when
    If not you, who,
    If not here, where.
    We need millions of irate, action oriented men and women to pledge, as we have, to support our Constitution with our honor, life, and fortune.
    Any questions?

  17. bill says:

    Thanks Carl,Let me do some checking,and let me see what I can do.I am just like what you said early on.I haven’t
    a clue what I’m doing,but I intend to do something,and just maybe we can get citizens aware and energized.Oh,
    and if anyone has a good idea,please jump in.

  18. Steph F. says:

    Bill, we are at a critical juncture. We have good ideas and in some instances, are making grounds, but we are like worker ants in the sense that we are running around in many directions when we need to be working together en masse.

    1. Where are we with Oathkeepers and Mr. Rhodes?
    2. What is the next step with Walt Fitzpatrick?
    3. Do we have a Plan B in place? We have to be keep a step ahead of the fringe because the enemy never sleeps.
    4. We have 2 1/2 more years for the usurper to totally decimate our great nation. We need to think outside the box and do it soon.
    5. Where are the attorneys who so eagerly jumped on this issue after the election? Is there anyone with an ounce of integrity who can jump in and make it happen???

  19. Steph,

    Just remember this.., it takes a tireless minority to affect change. We’re still operating with plan “A” and doing everything possible to avoid plan “B”. It’s not up to us anymore. Give yourself to God and Country. All else will unfold as it should.

  20. Steph F. says:

    Samuel Adams. 🙂 Carl, that is indeed where I am. God and country. Lots of prayers. Regarding Plan B, I am thinking about other peaceful strategies. Money talks. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

  21. bill says:

    Well by golly,I think I have been given a message and this message seems to be from someone a lot smarter than I.
    the message was “bill,why are you so upset ? Your government has simply abdicated.
    defined :to abdicate is = relinquish, renounce, resign, quit, give up, vacate, relent.

    Isn’t this exactly what our so called “officials” have done ?
    From the Supreme Court,Congress,Law enforcement and ALL points in between,these folks have simply quit
    their duties and responsibilities under the Constitution and in simple terms
    “You can take this job,and shove it!”

    So in saying this my fellow citizens,Each and every one of us are now free of ANY responsibity to adhere
    to policies from employees who have walked off the job.

    So with your new found freedom folks,the burning question is “Exactly what do YOU intend to do with it ? ” 🙂 cheers

  22. bill says:

    Are we having fun yet ? Don’t know about you,but I am.Just sent this link to a campaign party headquarters where a fellow is running for public office.Interesting thing is,there have been 5 downloads,in less than an hour.Somebody finds this awfully interesting.

  23. I want to personally thank the leaders of the Oath Keepers for their involvement in getting Darren Huff freed from Jail on the trumped up charge of “Inciting to Riot”…
    They have been in constant contact with the authorities to affect his release and the return of his stolen arms.
    Sure wish any of that were true but alas, it is not. They are completely silent. for up to the minute reporting on Darren go to – – –
    What do YOU plan to do about this?

  24. Dan says:

    Carl, Please keep me in the loop.
    I, too, am feeling like this Republic is under assault. More so than at any time in our history.
    I, too, think OK is rapidly becoming irrelevant. If they don’t actually STAND for members, then why would I stand with them? Talking is not working for them. They missed an opportunity, again, to put some meat behind the words.
    If you can see a use for me, I live in the Boston area (Yeah, yeah, I know) and will do what I can.
    I’m currently trying to organize a Restore the Constitution rally, in the Charlestown Navy Yard, right next to the USS Constitution.
    I’m also pulling together other locals to discuss support activity in the event of, well…an emergency.
    You have my e-mail. I lok forward to hearing from you.

  25. Steph F. says:

    Who ARE the Oathkeepers? What ARE the Oathkeepers? Where ARE the Oathkeepers? Hiding behind a name, an official-sounding title. Come out, come out, wherever you are and honor the oath you promised to uphold! Your fellow brother is in jail, so what are you doing to help??? How can you look at yourselves in the mirror everyday?????

  26. It should be obvious that this is intimidation (the arrest of Darren Huff) and will not end as long as we fight for the Constitutional rule of law. Lawyers are in league with one another, Judges are going rogue and law enforcement has no choice but to follow orders. The house of cards is seemingly crashing in around them and they know it.
    So you ask, what next? The first order of business must be to establish a legal defense fund for those who will be taken prisoner and show support for their efforts as long as we don’t have people using our God given rights in opposition to the stated goal. This fund must be set up as soon as possible and not just for Darren. What we don’t want or need are any whackos giving us a bad name. Gratefully that hasn’t happened.
    Our fight is a righteous fight and the last time I checked the government is the servant of the people.
    Next on the list is to begin to gather the “Walkers” who will be ready to stand tall in the face of this out of control monster we call government. At every level.
    Are there any Patriot Lawyers lawyers out there??? Hello….
    Patriots exist in the shadows and are looking for a leader who has yet to step forward. Whomever that person is will have a target on his back for sure so a coalition must be built and the structure formed which will ultimately lead to the arrest of the criminals in DC.
    As you know, Grand Juries have been formed all across this country and they have all been summarily dismissed. Four hundred (400) + law suits and not one reviewed on merit. We, as a people, have no standing. I would ask you this.., if we have no standing, do we have a voice? You already know the answer, so all of those bumper sticker Founding Father statements are now firmly in play.
    This must be done right and it must be done quickly, with overwhelming numbers. Therein lies the heart of the problem. Gathering those numbers.
    I am open for suggestions on this and look forward to hearing back from you but for now, let’s concentrate on a legal defense team that will fight against their very nature for the repatriation of America with her God given rights.
    Start now and by the time Pastor Manning completes his Common law Court we must be ready to act. That is, unless someone in the Military steps up to the plate for us.
    Peacefull action has all the markings of enslavement.
    Do your Damn job, my Military heros, as only you can now intervene.
    Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick and Lt. Col. Lakin may have chosen different paths to achieve the same result but both are sincere and both are men of action. O.K. that’s two. Where are the rest and why so silent?
    The hour of need is upon us folks and the choice is clear…
    Enslavement or Liberty. Take your choice and get the heck off the fence.

    Contributions to this site will a long way towards helping.

  27. FBI Agent Jason Harris just called and is in route to talk with me…
    Will keep you posted.
    The number for FBI Agent Reed does not appear to be valid as I called it and the other end stated I had the wrong number.

  28. Agents Andrew Mossman of the GBI and Special agent S. Jason Harris of the FBI arrived at 1410 hrs. and we began our discussion over unfolding events in TN. I asked them of his (Darren’s)status but they would not answer. Their stated purpose was to make sure no one was going to TN to invoke violence.
    The purpose, as we all know, was then clearly stated. We were there to assist Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick with the Citizens Arrest. All within the confines and jurisdiction of the law. We all know the story so I won’t repeat it but I did remind them that, at no time, were we contemplating storming the Court house and taking it over which was one of their concerns. The meeting lasted less than an hour and they reminded me that when information like this gets out, so do the whackos. I assured him that no one affiliated with the group that showed up had any intent on storming the Bastile and that it concluded in a peaceful manner. They were also informed that Darren’s sole purpose in going back was to try and find a Sheriff in a surrounding county that would take these arrested people into custody.
    Conjecture: It would appear they were nervous about the prospect of a re-occurrance of the battle of Athens in 1946.
    Towards the end of the meeting I asked both agents one simple question. Did both of you take the Oath to protect and defend the constitution, at which point they both answered yes. I then followed with, what part of the Constitution are you willing to ignore? Both said,”none of it”. I then proceeded to tell them that’s exactly what they are doing by ignoring Article II Section I Clause V. After a brief explanation of that law and citing my references, they agreed to look into it (yeah, right).
    They viewed the video of Darrens Felony stop on the 20th of April and asked if was against TN law to transport firearms across State lines???
    They need reminding that TN and GA have reciprocal agreements that do allow for this.
    As they left I repeated the request that they, personaly look into the Breech of security within the White House and soon. They did not provide any information that would allow me to contact Darren and calls to the Knoxville Detention center came up empty as they had not processed any paperwork concerning him.
    Jim just called to let me know they asked him the same question about taking over the court house??? That was the extent of his conversation and they left.
    BTW, I asked if the information about this interview was public knowledge and they informed me it was. It was then that I turned my tape recorder off.

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