Profiling at it’s best,,,,, They make up the rules, Then turn it into “LAW”

Video by: Carl Swenson,,,,,,,,,   Monroe County profiling. No was not a minority, just an American. Darren Huff in support of Navy LtCom. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III. 

More Here: JAG Hunter   and  Here  Rise up for America

The story is far from over !


10 Responses to Profiling at it’s best,,,,, They make up the rules, Then turn it into “LAW”

  1. Judy Doyle says:

    I am an OathKeeper. When will it be my turn to be stopped?

  2. A pen says:

    Never miss an opportunity to educate. Class dismissed!

  3. tuxkabin says:

    You should have hopefully have gotten a report by now of the officers involved. Then file complaints on them all with division of internal affair. then have all officer involved put under investigation for acting under the color of law. They have been doing this stuff to me for years, even before I became an Oathkeeper. The paper work will burn thier butts and bring them to tears. Follow up with the internal affairs division until you have reached their final conclusion and rule of law.They will think about this kind of thing for a long time after you have followed thru. Because it will put a dent in their personenl records for life. Have fun guys and watch your back.

  4. bill says:

    Only FIVE patrol cars ? I would have believed a greater
    show of force from these misguided individuals.I can’t
    sing enough praises to Darren Huff,who handled this
    very tense situation with the brillance of a Philadelphia Lawyer.Of course with truth and GOD on his
    side,it was NO contest. 🙂

  5. Not up on the Oath Keepers because of their involvement with Adam Kokesh the Hate America Tribe and others but this incident is a Big Deal. Keep up the good work.

  6. bill says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know,here is a .gif copy of the
    original criminal complaint filed by Lt.Cmdr Fitzpatrick
    that started the whole Monroe County episode of obfuscation and criminal conduct.You can DL it at this

  7. bill says:

    Oops,think I gave the wrong link 😦 Try this one instead.

  8. Speeding says:

    Nice. You have a couple of good points. At the end of the day police officers do a good job. The problem with the law system is that it doesn’t always work for you. It is a system failure and needs to be fixed.

  9. Nice. You have a couple of great points. When it’s all said and done the police do a good job. The issue with law is that it doesn’t always work to the advantage of the victim. It is a failed system and needs to be rectified.

  10. Good read. You’ll have to come out with a part 2. Keep up the excellent posts!

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