Judge Carroll L. Ross, Mr. Steven Bebb, Sheriff William Bivins

Donation by Judy:  Law is the law……… Prolong detention is not going to work.  How do you get around the 5th and 14th amendments……. The hole is running out of light, most folks know when to stop.


7 Responses to Judge Carroll L. Ross, Mr. Steven Bebb, Sheriff William Bivins

  1. bill says:

    Unlike the wisdom of Judy,most folks realizing they are in a hole,would stop digging,but apparently not ? I would say there are many citizens in support of Mr.Fitzpatrick and following this travesty very closely.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Mr.Fitzpatrick.cheers

  2. bill says:

    (Ret.) Lt. Col. Walter Francis Fitzpatrick is now a political prisoner in the Monroe County Sheriffs Jail and has been since 04/01/2010. This Court is now the poster child for political corruption and Mr. Fitzpatrick has made a gallant effort to expose this abomination. They are operating outside their own rule of law.

    Latest YouTube video can be found here– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JV80ppr7z4

    And here (with explanations) — http://www.riseupforamerica.com/freedomfightersusa.html

    Please make sure everyone you know is aware of this situation and ask for those that can, to meet me at this Courthouse on Wed.

    04/07/2010 at 0900 hrs.

    Tea Party and 912 Patriots welcome, Resist net, C2C, Well regulated Militia, Oath Keepers, all need to spread the word that our battle against tyranny has a new ground Zero— Madisonville, TN.

    See you there on Wed.

    Carl Swensson

  3. tuxkabin says:

    If the tea party exspress was really something real……… Then they would head for this Madisonville, Tn. at once and at all cost and I personally would pay their gas bill. But they will not. Wake up America, in the next sixty days the blacks will be burning your towns with the help of the Madisonville Monroe County sherriffs department.They are going to put Mr. Fitspatrick on medications and put him away. His future and America at at risk now. This is the first shot heard around the world.

  4. bill says:

    If the reports that Walt is refusing ANY food or water is true,this tells me Walt is afraid for his life,and has refused any intake that might harm him because I believe these corrupt officials will not stop at nothing,to kill Mr.Fitzpatrick,the other concern I have is the reports that Mr.Fitzpatrick is refused ANY contact with the outside world ,almost as if Mr.Fitzpatrick is hannibal lecter (silence of the lambs)claiming any koolaid story that Mr.Fitzpatrick died of natural causes.Sure looks like these
    criminal captors have decided to go for broke in starting armed conflict which I can imagine is the plan.May GOD help me, to prove that I am wrong.

  5. bill says:

    To: usms.foia@usdoj.gov

    Subject: Request for “welfare check” of incarcerated indiviual

    Date: Tue 04/06/10 08:54 AM

    Dears sirs,
    It has come to my attention that one (ret.) Lt.Cmdr.Walter Francis
    Fitzpatrick has been incarcerated by Madison
    County Sheriffs department since April 1,2010 .Since it is my
    understanding that Mr.Fitzpatrick hasn’t been formally
    charged and allowed NO VISITORS and unsubstantiated reports that
    Mr.Fitzpatrick has not eaten or drank anything
    since his arrest,may I respectfully request a “welfare check” on this
    individual ? Thank you

    William Davis -Texas

  6. bill says:

    Now if Walt is out,I would hope he would go to the Dr. for a bloodtest and a workup.Since I heard he was eating and drinking while still in captivity,I wouldn’t,because of all the lies and deceit not consider the possibility of what his food contained.Am I paranoid ? YOU BETCHA.

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