They Don’t Need You Anymore!

By Robert L. Rohrer

In 2008, you already became irrelevant and ended up with your first Communist President!

In 2010 you are in for three more big surprises. 1. Socialized medicine to “pay off” unions and prime the urban masses for another entitlement; 2.Before the ink is dry on “healthcare reform” the Amnesty movement will be underway again, and is already being pushed by both Progressive Democrats and Republicans; and 3. The new Census will enable Redistricting based on higher urban concentrations of the underclass made possible by a stratagem of immigration policies. All resulting in…

Our National elections will be controlled by a core consisting of NY, PA, MI, IL, CA, TX and FL. More specifically the President of the United States will be elected by the New York Metropolitan area, greater Philadelphia, Detroit and Dearborn, Cook County Illinois, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, greater Miami and a few more cities and their States. Just like Baltimore controls Maryland.

THEY already know this. In fact, it has been part of a long plan. Masses, votes, money and power. If you control the former you achieve the latter. There is not a politician in, or considering, office that does not know this simple reality! The Redistribution of wealth for votes is now accelerating!

But even before 2012, those who just voted for healthcare reform knew the above. So in the Midterm elections of 2010 the Progressives already have a plan to hold on to their seats. This biggest payoff in our history is the first step to “…fundamentally change the United States of America”.

In 2004 the Republican Party made the public statement they could not win the National election if they did not get at least 40% of the Hispanic vote. Have you wondered why Bush did not alienate this “target audience” by controlling our border? Or why John McCain still turns a blind eye to this problem in Arizona? Now you know!

In case you missed it, the population densities of the above cities are primarily black and Hispanic. Ergo entitlements and promises of citizenship; and our welfare state and open border mentality.

The most important thing for a politician is to be Elected. If they cannot be elected then everything else is academic. Including you — your rights, taxes, protection, and freedom are all just lip service while the real agenda takes place.

There is no longer much difference in the two National parties. They are now both Liberal — one just left of the other. The reason is the need to buy votes with entitlements; appease illegal Hispanics with our soon to be Amnesty policy; and capitalize on the new underclass of immigrants packed into our cities by our vote driven immigration policy.

We are now in a war — Constitutionalists versus Progressives! There is a chance to save the Nation, but even a decade ago our urban concentration made it a long shot. We are simply outnumbered!


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