Launch To Unite, One Nation, One People


4 Responses to Launch To Unite, One Nation, One People

  1. Mack Ellis says:

    This is a GREAT idea! Everyone should get one and get united!

  2. James Wynne says:

    Most excellent! BE THE WAVE!

  3. Art Phillips says:

    I desperately need your help!

    I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I belong to no political party. I belong to you, the American people all. I belong to all people who are willing to pay the price life demands for freedom. No government has ever made men free; government by its very nature seeks to destroy me and my brother, freedom.
    I am LIBERTY and in America I am under attack. I am wounded and fear that I will soon perish at the hands of your United States government. You, the American people have always loved me and protected me throughout the world. Why do you abandon me now, have you lost your love of Freedom and Liberty? You have placed your trust in government; you depend on government to take care of you. Do you not understand the price your government will demand of you will be my death and the death of my brother, freedom? American, stand on your own two feet, regain your pride and self worth, tell those who are now trying to rule you rather than lead they have no rights but those you grant them.
    America if you do not rise up for me NOW I will be nothing more than a burning memory and your children will pay the price of your apathy. Most of you have never read your own Constitution, you know, that document that allowed me to exist, the document your government is in the process of abandoning.
    It is up to you, will I perish on your watch, and will your children be punished for your inaction? NO it is not easy to be free. I will be gone sooner than you think, act NOW or live the rest of your life in regret.

    Who are you?


  4. Art Phillips says:

    To whom it may concern
    RE: health care

    The current ,so called health care plan, being considered by congress is deceptively misnamed. The fact is that it is has nothing to do with health unless you are a Democrat, Liberal or Progressive. There is only way it approaches the definition of health. It will be very healthy for the finances of the Democrat Party and their friends, think ACORN or SEIU. As far as “care” is concerned, when has anyone ever associated the term “care” with the Democrat Party and especially the mega rich Liberals and Progressives that run it. That leaves “Plan”, again this is a stretch too far, Democrat and plan, you can’t even use these two terms in a sentence and make it coherent. The fact is that this plan very clearly defines its intentions. The individuals who composed it are nothing more than arrogant self aggrandizing, power thirsty people. By using every underhanded criminal act they could get away with came to power in 2006 and 2008. They know that if they can pass this “health care bill” it will give them what the desire more than anything else. It will give them complete control of every Americans life. Not just health care but the power to steel anyone’s funds from their bank account without fear of them being able to do anything about it. The power to determine where they work, what job they do, how much pay they receive and whether or not they even get a job at all. But what really “sends a thrill up their leg” is the power to commit murder against any American citizen and make it legal. This one is the one they want the most, to have the power to decides who lives or dies, Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives have all the money they need now they want to play like they are God. For myself I have one thing to say to them, “damn you people to hell before you will gain the power of taking my freedom and life, I will fight you to my or your last breath”.
    Art Phillips
    Constitutional Guard, Texas

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